Hydro-Channel basement floor waterproofing systems

The Hydro-Channel Basement Floor Waterproofing System - Specifications

Patented Basement

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Manufacturer: Product:
Hydro-Channel LLC Hydro-Channel System
3001 State Rte. 4 U.S. Patent #5775039
Marine IL 62061 Date: July 7, 1998




Hydro-Channel is an interior basement floor drainage system for new construction and retrofitting. It’s unique design gives added strength to the channel and creates a thermal brake between the footing and the floor. It allows the floor to expand and contract freely which reduces cracks in floors. Used in conjunction with a 4” rock subgrade level with the top of the footing it will eliminate any probability of hydrostatic pressure occurring under the floor.


Length: 6 feet
Width: 8.5 inches
Height: 2.25 inches
Thickness: .35mils before forming
Material: 50% recycled PVC (flexible for nailing in cold weather)
Composition: transparent
Weight: 1lb=4.7 feet








Added strength to the channel to prevent collapsing and warping along the wall. Cup shaped indentions will allow floor to rest on footing and allow water to move across the footing freely. Transparent for visual inspection to ensure system isn’t clogged before pour.


Corners are cut on the job at a 45 degree angle on the channel to allow a continuous channel for water to flow.

Overlap the system:

Overlap and secure 2 bubbles between pieces.

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